What is a Halogen Heater?

In this guide, we are going to look at what a traditional indoor Halogen Heater is

What is a halogen heater? It is a type of heater that heats people or objects direct. Unlike your other popular electric heaters such as oil filled heaters, convectors, and fan heats which heat the space/air around you, halogen heaters bulb elements heat you directly. Which is why you will need to be in direct sight, and close by, in order to benefit from a halogen heater.

Looks and function wise, all halogen heaters are similar, very light weight, consist of 2-3 halogen bulbs, a basic plastic casing that can osculate in 90 percent of the models available. You will find manly the 2 bulb halogen heaters will be in a fixed position, and 3 bulb halogen heaters osculate. Unfortunately, halogen heaters do not come with thermostats to help regulate the heat.

In a nutshell, a halogen heater is a portable electric heater that heats you direct, even in outside spaces, if you are close enough, it will heat you directly, and you will feel it.

How to Use a Halogen Heater?

Using a halogen heater is very simple. As with all electric heaters you have an on and off button, as you switch it on, it will heat up one bulb, on the top of the unit you will have two other buttons for switching on the other two bulbs individually. There will also be a button to activate the osculating feature, if yours has one.

As a safety measure, all halogen heaters have a tip switch, in case you trip it over, this trip switch will switch off the heater.

What Environments Are Halogen Heaters Suitable For?

Firstly, halogen heaters should never be the primary heater to heat your home, as they will do a poor job of heating a home. As they do not heat the space/air around you, they will not do a good job of heating a room/home. See our guide on: is it cheaper to use a halogen heater or central heating.

They are an excellent secondary heater, or for when the air around you is not that cold, but you would like some direct heat, or if your main heating system is not proving enough heat, halogen heaters can be used to help supplement your main heating system.

The reason why halogen heaters are good at this, is due to what I mentioned above about halogen heaters being good at heating people or objects.

How Much Energy Does a Halogen Heater Use?

Most halogen heaters produce the same energy output, if you buy a 3 bulb heater, the max energy output is 1200 watts in the UK, each bulb uses 400 watts. If you ran a halogen heater for 1 hour on full power (3 bulbs), it would use 1.2 kilowatt-hours, medium power (2 bulbs) 0.8 kilowatt-hours and low power (1 bulb) 0.4 kilowatt-hours.

If you would like to know how much it costs to run a halogen heater, have a look at our guide: are halogen heaters cheap to run?

Can You leave a Halogen Heater on Overnight?

The simple answer is no, because they can be a fire hazard, they have no thermostat, and because they heat objects, if a fabric material gets too hot, it could catch fire, you should never leave a halogen heater on overnight as it can be a serious fire risk.

Is a Halogen Heater a Fire Risk?

Halogen heaters can present a fire risk due to the open coils heating elements. If the halogen heater is operated too close to flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, or other combustible materials, then it could start a fire.

Additionally, if the halogen heater is not properly maintained or inspected regularly, there is a chance that the wiring and insulation could become faulty, leading to potential fire hazards. To ensure safety, it is important to check your halogen heater periodically for signs of wear and tear and keep combustible materials away from its heating elements.

What is the Best Halogen Heater?

In all honesty, they are all pretty much the same. Cheaply built, pretty much look the same, same functions and perform the same. We have a guide on the best halogen heater review, and we have a halogen heater in the guide that looks quite modern, and different from the rest, have a look at the best halogen heater below.