Are Halogen Heaters Cheap to Run in The UK?

In This Guide, You Will Find Out The Exact Cost to Run a Halogen Heater

Halogen heaters are extremely popular, but not many people know how much they cost to run, are Halogen heaters cheap to run? We will have a look in this guide how much they cost to run as of October 2022 with the new price cap in the UK.

Are Halogen heaters cheap to run is not as simple as a yes or no answer, the running cost depends on how you use them. Halogen heaters warm people directly, rather than the space you are in. This is what makes them so effective, you feel the heat immediately as it is warming you directly, this is why outside patio heaters are Halogen, due to how effective they are at warming people directly, even when outside.

If you require Halogen heaters to heat a space, e.g. a bedroom, they are not so effective at this, they will provide heat for the space but not as effectively as convector, fan, or oil filled heaters. You will need to run the Halogen heater for longer and the running cost will be more.

How Cheap are Halogen Heaters to Run?

How cheap Halogen heaters are to run will depend on the cost of 1 kWh of electricity. The cost of 1 kWh of electricity will vary from supplier to supplier, but will be within a few pennies of each other.

As of 2023, the average price of 1 unit of electricity will be around £0.28p, 1 unit is 1 kilowatt-hour, or 1000 watts of electricity used in an hour.

A standard Halogen heater will have 3 heat setting of Low (1 bar): 400 w, medium (2 bars) 800 w and max (3 bars) 1,200 w.

How much do halogen heaters cost to run? Below, I will show you how to work out the cost of using your Halogen heater.

Halogen heater output in kWh, if your heaters output is 400 watts, that is 0.4 kilowatts hours(kWh) if it is 1,200 watts, that is 1.2 kWh.

This is the formula you need to understand:

Heater output in kWh x electricity unit rate (£0.28p) = cost to run a Halogen heater for 1 hour.

Here is an example of cost for all 3 settings, we are going to round the numbers up or down to keep it simple and ignore decimal numbers.

Low 1 bar 400 watts

0.4 kWh x £0.28p = 0.11p – it will cost 11p for 1-hour use

Medium 2 bars 800 watts

0.8 × 0.28p = 0.22p – it will cost 22p for 1-hour use on 2 bars

Max 3 bars 1,200 watts

1.2 × 0.28p -0.33p – it will cost 0.33p for 1-hour use on full power

In 2023, with the latest price cap, electricity unit prices will be around £0.28p, this gives you an idea of how much it will cost to run a Halogen heater. See this, if you are keen to learn how they compare to central heating in cost.

Is There a Cheaper Electric Heater to Run?

The main and best electric heaters are convector, fan, oil filled heater and Halogen. If all of these heaters produce 1000 watts of heat output, they will all cost 0.28p to run for one hour. However, they are more efficient in different environments and this is where running costs will differ.

Halogen Heater

Excellent for when the air around you is not that cold, and you would like direct heat to warm you up. Take a look at the best halogen heaters here.

Convector Heater

Very good middle ground electric heater that provides instant heat and the most popular. Convector heaters are excellent for heating the space around you and providing nice warm heat.

Oil Filled Heater

Similar to convector, but takes around 10–15 minutes to warm up and can take 30 minutes to warm a room, however, once switched off, oil filled radiator heaters still provide heat for around 20–30 minutes as the oil stays warm inside the heater.

Fan Heater

Excellent for places with poor insulation. Fan heaters throw out a lot of hot air rapidly, which is why they are excellent for poorly insulated spaces. More heat is coming in, versus losing it. The heat can be unbearable and uncomfortable for good insulated rooms.

In 2023, no electric heater is cheap to run due to how expensive electricity is. However, if you want a bit of direct heat in a room only, a Halogen heater can be cheaper to run, compared to switching on your whole heating system for a bit of heat in one room.

Will a Halogen Heater Heat a Room?

Halogen heaters are designed to heat objects, they are designed to heat you directly, provide you direct warmth, not the air, or raise the ambient temperature. Due to this, halogen heaters are very poor at heating rooms, a small, well insulated room will retain heat from the halogen heater, however, a poorly insulated room will not heat up from a halogen heater. You can learn more about what a halogen heater is here.