About DIY IT

Jeff Allan

Self-proclaimed property maintenance expert

Welcome to diyit.uk, My name is Jeff Allan, due to being photo shy, I have used an animation that describes me perfectly to represent me on this site.

A little about me…

I have been involved in property maintenance for the last 22 years, coming across many different scenarios and circumstances, from full property renovations, general repairs, damp issues to supplying the right appliances to rental properties, and all the basic issues that come with rental properties.

I have been project manager to oversee builders hired by property owners for many full property renovations over the years, and shocked by the number of UK builders that can do full renovations but do not know rules and regulations, along with shoddy work.

I have seen electricians do a full rewire, but failed to install smoke and heat detectors, this should be standard practice, builders trying to use window fitters that are not FENSA certified, plumber trying to install small single radiators in an old Victorian property with high ceilings and poor insulation, when questioned about this, respond with if I am not told to put in larger doubles, I install standard singles, you would hope he would have the foresight to understand what it takes to heat a room and provide an adequate size.

I have a lot of real world experiences when it comes to general property maintenance and appliances. Thanks to these real world experiences, I have gained a lot of knowledge on tools such as cordless drills, impact drivers, various power and hand tools, and general home appliances from cookers, heaters, dehumidifiers and many more.

My site will mainly revolve around helping individuals find the right tools and general home products. I often like to provide a number of items to choose from, as everyone’s circumstances are different, and I don’t believe in one size fits all.

I will also try to help individuals understand what they are buying, why different variations exist, how they differ, what products are best for different circumstances.